1 Timothy 4:8

” For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way,
as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”

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Raise up an army of athletes with the heart of Christ,
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As a mother of two boys aged 16 and 8 I’m very pleased to have known Serge for the past 4 years. My older son started having basketball lessons with him at the cepsum summer camp 4 years ago since he was very much in to it I encouraged him to take private lessons with him after the summer camp and since then he’s been practicing with Serge and getting better and better. Since my older son was always talking about his classes with Serge the fun he had but at the same time the severity of the classes my younger son asked me to have lessons with Serge as well. Since he started this summer he’s improved so much and he loves and enjoys every minute of his class. Serge is an excellent instructor with lots of patience and skills who can teach young kids as well as teenagers and adults.
If your looking to have a great instructor with lots of knowledge and skills you’ve found the right person!

I would recommend Serge to anyone who wants to take their basketball skills to another level. Serge is very committed to his work and passionate about basketball. Thanks to him and his rigorous and structured trainings, I have been able to improve tremendously and accomplish the goals I have set for myself. I started training with him all summer leading up to my last college season. This training allowed me to have a college season that turned the heads of several universities. Also, afterwards, to go and play at a university where my tuition fees were completely covered. If you need help to reach your goals, Serge will be able to help you.
Hess Mayele

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Coach Serge by another basketball coach.
I was looking for a coach for my young son in order to teach him and transmit the fundamentals of basketball but also the love of the sport and the physical practice. I was immediately touched by the involvement and dedication put into each session.
It is always a pleasure to attend each practice and see what it brings to my son’s life beyond the basketball court.

Five years ago I was desperately looking for a coach to help my boys improve their game and technique in basketball. A friend told me about a guy named Serge Kongolo. You’ll see, she said, he’s great! And she was right … For the past five years Serge has been following my two boys, not only has he helped them evolve within their sport but also in their personal development. More than a coach, Serge is a sports and life coach … Demanding but fair, his goal is that the young sportsman surpasses himself! Thank you for the last 5 years and to those who will follow!

Serge the president of this company is my coach and my big brother. Since I met Serge the course of my life has been transformed not just as a player but as a person. I had goals to achieve to get to the University level and I talked to him about it and he made the effort to prepare me and he accomplished his task and today I am proud to say that I am in my second year in the Ontario Tech University Ridgebacks & fourth year in the Criminology and Justice Advancy program. Investment, discipline, sacrifice and God is what Serge has always said to me and what allows me to move forward in my life. BeFitandGetSaved is a place that I recommend to many athletes not just for basketball but for the development of life as a man & woman because this is the true success of life. Thank you to the great family of BeFitandGetSaved and also to the founder Serge Kongolo your support and help make it happen.
MJ Ilonga

Mom of 2 teenagers, I am very happy to have discovered BFGS. Basketball training allows my sons to be active, perfecting their sport and to receive advice from someone they have quickly developed a great deal of confidence in. The strength of BFGS is not only based on the various physical exercises adapted to the needs but also based on values ​​which are transmitted during the workouts. Respect for others and for sport, perseverance as well as self-confidence are the main ones. I am so grateful to life for putting BeFitAndGetSaved on their roads.

It is a divine encounter. Serge has been more than a basketball coach for my boys. He teaches them to master this sport and also to persevere despite the difficulties, to put the effort to reach their goals, to learn how to manage their emotions and to have confidence in themselves in both their personal and sports life. Serge masters his sport in a remarkable way and to acquire the technical, strategic and mental skills, my boys have really evolved. His training sessions are adapted and varied. My teens have improved as athletes and have developed as individuals.

Serge is a motivating, inspired and inspiring coach. He puts himself at the level of the player and makes him aware of his talents, while coaching him for healthy development. He is also an excellent organizer of basketball events where competition rubs shoulders with team spirit and camaraderie. A great meeting for our son Justin.

I was lucky enough to be referred to Coach Serge by a friend a few years ago. Our two children, teenagers of the same age, chose basketball sessions instead of summer camps that no longer interested them. Serge knew how to motivate them, make them work hard, and teach them good values, which I am sure will serve them for life. Later on my youngster became a basketball enthusiast, and Serge became the perfect personal trainer, he knew how to teach him good techniques, combined with the all-important strengthening workouts. It is always a pleasure to see the evolution of my son’s level and the pleasure he has in training with Serge. Thank you Coach Serge. 🙏
Asmae Mokrini

Due to my intensive training, I was able to perfect myself in the smallest details that I had problems with and I was able to mentally grow by setting goals to achieve the right results. As a Division 1 athlete at Vanier College I was able to achieve a vision that motivated me. Befit And Get Saved knows what a good athlete should have.
Dylan Pele


Hess Mayele started training in 2015 and quickly developed, going from a small college La Cité to accomplishing his goal of playing university basketball for the Reds of New Brunswick. He is a graduate in business administration with a concentration degree in finance.

Mj began his basketball journey in 2017, with no past introduction to the game. Through perseverance and vigorous training, he managed to gain the fundamentals of basketball. Leading him to a place on the inaugural basketball team of the university of Ontario Tech, in just 2 years. He is currently studying to obtain a degree in Criminology and Justice.

Fabric Gak is a great success story, from the basketball courts where he demonstrated his all around skill he went on to carve himself a career as a real estate agent.

Nginyu has been working with us since high school. He is a student of the game with an impressive work ethic, constantly looking for way to improve. He’s made impressive strides and is currently evolving at Dalhousie University.

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